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Philosophy of Care

The unit will provide an alternative to the limited choice, which is currently available to those younger disabled people who require continuing care.  Centered on meeting individual needs in a modern, therapeutic environment, this will enhance quality of life for many, with privacy and dignity.

A non-authoritarian and democratic approach to care provision with the support and involvement of the community is actively encouraged.

The choice of respite care is also available where it is important that relatives are given support in their caring for disabled people at home.  The availability of this provision will be as flexible as possible, in order to meet varying individual circumstances.

Convalescent care will also assist in the transition and integration of the individual's return to independent living.

The adoption of the Charter of Rights for Disabled People and quality assurance audits assists in the appropriate delivery and standards of care.

All staff are supported by both directors and undergo induction and In-service training.  Individual programmes of care are implemented after assessment and reappraisals take place in regular multidisciplinary reviews and with the opportunity to discuss all aspects with the client and their advocate, where possible.  The wishes and the expectations of the user will have first consideration, and with the interests of the residents in general, regular group discussions with include all users and staff.

The unit will enable users to lead a life, which is as like that of others in the community as possible, including the responsibilities and risk this involves.

The unit is committed to good practice and the promotion of accessible and cost effective provision.  Liaison with statutory and voluntary agencies assist in the integration of services prior to admission and discharge, enabling a community of care.

Status and constitution of the home

This is a nursing home owned privately by the directors of Phoenix Healthcare (N.I) Ltd. notably Mrs.Patricia McCartney and Mr.Iain McCartney and is registered under Article 8 (1) of the HPSS (Quality Improvement and Regulation) (Northern Ireland) Order 2003.

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